Gangster Squad | Thursday, 28 Aug at 1:40 PM
A stylish retelling of how LAPD takes back their nascent city from one of the most dangerous mafia bosses of all time.
21 & Over | Thursday, 28 Aug at 8:00 PM
A romantic comedy by the writers of 'The Hangover', this movie is about a guy who celebrates his 21st b'day before his big day.
Man on a Ledge | Friday, 29 Aug at 3:45 PM
As a police psychologist works to dissuade an ex-con from jumping off a hotel rooftop, the biggest diamond heist ever committed is in motion.
Body of Lies | Friday, 29 Aug at 8:00 PM
Leonardo DiCaprio is CIA's man on the ground, as the CIA hunts for the mastermind of terrorist attacks.
Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull | Saturday, 30 Aug at 3:00 PM
Harrison Ford is back as Indy in this new globe-trotting adventure, as he tries to find the secret behind the mysterious Crystal Skull.
Empire State | Saturday, 30 Aug at 8:00 PM
Two childhood friends plan to rob an armoured car depository, but an NYPD officer stands in their way.