War of the Worlds (2005) | Saturday, 20 Sep at 2:20 PM
Tom Cruise stars in H.G. Wells' classic tale of a devastating alien invasion on Earth, directed by Steven Spielberg.
The Knick S106: Start Calling Me Dad | Saturday, 20 Sep at 7:00 PM
A cinemax original series that centers on the staff of knickerbocker hospital in new york, who push the bounds of medicine in a time of high mortality rates.
World War Z | Sunday, 21 Sep at 2:15 PM
A former united nations employee attempts to protect his family and all civilization from the pandemic outbreak that threatens their survival!
Kill Bill: Vol. 2 | Sunday, 21 Sep at 10:30 PM
The bride is looking for revenge again. After 'Kill Bill Vol. 2','Kill Bill Vol. 2' brings the bride on action again.
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life | Monday, 22 Sep at 6:00 PM
Angelina Jolie returns as a psyched and pumped up adventurer out to battle evil.
Warm Bodies | Monday, 22 Sep at 11:20 PM
A zombie and a human girl form a relationship which sets in motion events that transform an entire lifeless world.